Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of project you are working on, we provide a host of services for you. Our standard services for most projects typically includes planning & design, community standards applications, engineering, permits, inspection fees, demolition & clearing, construction, painting, and site cleanup.

If you live in a planned community or subdivision, typically you must obtain approval for most exterior modifications to your home. At Advanced, we work with you and the appropriate standards committee to obtain the necessary approvals.

For additions, remodels, and pools, we typically tell clients to allow 4-6 weeks for the planning, permitting and approval processes and 4-12 weeks for construction depending on your specific project type. For custom homes, those time frames extend to 8-12 weeks for planning and permitting and 4-12 months for construction depending on the size of the project.

At Advanced, we will never ask for any money down. We will bill you progress payments after work is done. Typically, you will be billed in 3-5 installments, holding 10-20% at completion to ensure the work is complete.

No, typically you do not. In fact, there is usually a maintenance and utility easement present on each neighbors property to give contractors room to work. This can be especially important when excavating for a pool!

No. We work with many absentee clients. In fact, we have worked with clients as far away as China! You can go North for the summer, on vacation, visit friends, go away for work, whatever. All we require is access to your property. If required, we may need a garage door opener or key to complete the work. Of course, we are licensed and insured with $2 Million in liability insurance.

Our office is staffed Monday through Friday. All of our project managers have cell phones and frequently communicate with clients via text message and email.

Good question! We are a full service contractor and can provide as little or as much as you like. In addition to your main project, we can also provide landscaping, lighting, irrigation, stone work, murals, metalwork, decorative painting … the sky’s the limit! Typically we will bid your project to exclude these ancillary items, unless you tell us otherwise. If you are concerned that something is or is not included, just ask!

You Bet! We have many clients that do some parts of the project while letting us do the heavy lifting. Some of the things that our clients have done themselves include: electric, trim, painting, flooring, appliances, gutters, landscaping, and sprinklers. Just let us know what it is you can do on your own and we will exclude it from your project.

No problem! This is a common occurrence during construction projects as it is sometimes hard to picture the job until it is underway. We will work with you and the necessary people to identify the cost of the changes and make them happen.

Check! We recommend that you check with your local building department, The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, the Better Business Bureau, Seniors vs. Crime, contractor supplied references, and your friends and neighbors to get information on whomever you are considering hiring. The most important rule to remember when hiring a contractor is NEVER-EVER give any money to a contractor before work is done. If a contractor can’t afford to order your materials without a down payment – you should RUN THE OTHER WAY! Unfortunately, we have worked with too many clients that have been ripped off by ignoring that rule.

Call us! Within a day or two, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork for the building department, community standards board, and a contract for you to sign. We can arrange for you to come to the office to sign, mail, or email the paperwork to you. Once we receive the signed paperwork, we will work with the design team to get your project drawn and into the approvals process. Once the project is approved, we will schedule a pre-construction meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to go. From there we start building your project. Need more information? Call us now to schedule a free design consultation and estimate!

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